Wire Wrap Pink Lemurian Amulet

$169.00 CAD

These Lemurians were all carefully uncovered from a sacred mining site in Brazil and set in beautiful hand-crafted wire wrap by a local artisan.

Pink Lemurian Quartz is a recent, rare discovery, being blessed with Hematite mineral deposits giving them a blush pink hue. They are amazing crystals for personal development by promoting emotional strength and independence. They allow you to find deeper connections by removing old emotional debris from your heart, calming overthinking and give wisdom to unrealistic expectations in matters of love. By helping you grow emotionally and linking you to universal wisdom they reduce feelings of isolation and make you feel connected to the spiritual community. 

Lemurian quartz is here to help us through this time of transition, as we ascend to once again become the beautiful beings of love and light that we were always meant to be. Lemurians are very soothing and calming to our consciousness, and are an excellent tool for meditation, allowing one to enter a meditative state quickly and deeply

Each crystal is unique and may look a little different then the pictures but please trust that you will receive the exact crystal that is meant for you.