Mantra Bangle

$67.00 USD

Channelled by Mandy at the base of Mount Shasta, this mantra is a light code that serves to activate your sleeping DNA. By chanting this mantra 96 times (followed by 12 rounds of OM), a current is created that opens the higher chakras, connecting you to the spiritual realm, and the highly evolved beings who reside there.

Each bangle has been hand-crafted in 14k gold vermeil or .925 sterling silver by skilled artisans in Bali, Indonesia, then blessed by smoke and prayer through ceremony with Mandy and her spirit team.

* Please know: it is not uncommon to experience side effects when calibrating to these mantras or introducing Lemurian crystals into your life. Headaches, dizziness, sleep disruption, etc. are all common side effects of calibration to the higher dimensional frequencies. These effects are only temporary and greater health and consciousness sits just on the other side ;)



small: 2.3”

large: 2.6”

*when measuring yourself, it is less about the wrist and more about your hand that it needs to fit over. We find that if you take a string and use it to measure the widest part of your hand when all fingers are extended and brought together, you will get the most accurate measurement.