Lemurian Golden Healer Amulet

$299.00 CAD

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Lemurian golden healers are true "ascension stones", raising the vibrational frequency of the entire chakra system and promoting a higher energy signature throughout the body, mind and aura.

Golden healer crystals are used by crystal healers for their ability to magnify the flow of prana throughout the body and aura to promote healing, reduce fear and anxiety, induce a state of deep relaxation and accelerate tissue healing. Golden healers are said to put the healer and the one seeking healing in touch with the guidance they need to take them more rapidly and easily along their own personal path of healing. Golden healers are also said to powerfully energize and activate the crown and third, or solar plexus chakra.

This necklace comes in a beautifully stitched microsuede medicine bag with specific flowers and plants that are used to cleanse your space as you activate your relationship with your crystal.

*Due to the unique nature of crystals no two stones are alike and exact colours and patterns may vary from the pictures shown. We try our best to match you with your perfect crystal. If you have any questions or requests please email us at support@mandytrapp.com.