Lemurian Dreamsicle Meditation Crystals

$30.00 CAD

Lemurian Dreamsicles have all the spiritual information and codes that are typical of Lemurian Seed crystals with an added benefit. The hematite that gives them their lovely color  also serves to ground the spiritual information encoded within the crystal  and assists with integration of the energies on the earth plane.

Dreamsicles positively shimmer with energy as they open portals to other worlds. Sugary-sand coated, they span so many dimensions it’s impossible to describe the energy. 

Each Lemurian Crystal comes in a beautifully stitched microsuede medicine bag with specific flowers and plants that are used to cleanse your space as you activate your relationship with your Lemurian. Instructions for activation are included

*Due to the unique nature of crystals, exact colours, patterns and sizes may vary slightly from the pictures shown.