Smokey Lemurian Handheld Meditation Crystal

$31.00 USD

These Lemurians were handpicked from the Minas Gerais area in Brazil and have had no intervention (besides a wash with water), in order to maintain the exact vibrational signature of the crystal, left there by the Lemurians over 20,000 years ago.

It is believed that the lost civilization of Lemuria sunk into the Pacific Ocean 20,000 years ago. But before it did, The wise beings of Lemuria encoded their wisdom and technology into these crystals for us to one day find them. 

Each Lemurian Crystal comes in a medicine bag with specific flowers and plants that are used to cleanse your space as you activate your relationship with your Lemurian. Instructions for activation are included

*Due to the unique nature of crystals no two are alike and exact colours and patterns may vary from the pictures shown. We try our best to match you with your perfect crystal.