Arcturian Lemon Quartz (base cut)

$69.00 CAD

This high-grade lemon quartz has WAY more power than meets the eye!

When I was speaking with my supplier in Brazil he kept asking me if I had heard of "Arcrturian Quartz", to which I said "no", but that I do have a very close relationship with the Arthurian star people. And then the stories flew for the next half an hour and I felt like I completely slipped dimensions! 

Many South American shamans speak to and about the star people. The Arcturians are one of the most highly evolved civilizations and are the healers of the galaxy. And this crystal, holds that frequency!

Bring this medicine into your life when BIG physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual healing is needed.

*Due to the unique nature of crystals, exact colours, patterns and sizes may vary slightly from the pictures shown.